Novel The Three Little Guardian Angels

Novel The Three Little Guardian Angels

The Three Little Guardian Angels: A Novel of Revenge, Redemption, and Unexpected Love

  • Title: The Three Little Guardian Angels
  • Author: Ginger Bud
  • Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Mystery
  • Chapters: 2771
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: GoodNovel
  • Publication date: March 10, 2023
  • Rating: 9.3/10
  • Awards: None

PETIK.NET - A captivating romance novel that explores themes of betrayal, resilience, and family bonds. What would you do if you were betrayed by the people you trusted and forced to leave your home? Would you seek revenge or forgiveness? Would you find love or hate? These are the questions that Maisie Vanderbilt faces in the novel “The Three Little Guardian Angels” by Ginger Bud.


The novel tells the story of Maisie Vanderbilt, a woman who was caught in a ruthless conspiracy that resulted in the loss of her chastity and her exile from her home. Six years later, she returns with her three children, who are the product of her rape, to seek revenge on the people who wronged her.

She tracks down their powerful birth father, who is unaware of their existence, and kidnaps him. She plans to use him as a bargaining chip to get justice and expose the truth. However, things don’t go as planned, as she finds herself in a complex web of secrets, lies, and emotions.

She also discovers that her children are more than what they seem, as they prove to be clever, resourceful, and loyal. They are her three little guardian angels, who will do anything to protect her and help her achieve her goals. As Maisie and the birth father confront each other, they also face their past and their feelings.

Will they be able to overcome their differences and find love? Or will they succumb to their hatred and resentment? Will Maisie get her revenge or her redemption? Find out in this thrilling and engaging romance novel that will keep you hooked until the end.