Novel Wizard Of Cosmos by MadRain


Novel Description

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Title: Wizard Of Cosmos
Author: MadRain
Genre: Fantasy
Language: English
Episodes: 127
Rating: 0.0
Publisher: Goodnovel

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Novel Synopsis: Wizard Of Cosmos

Well, this time we will share our experience of reading a novel titled Wizard Of Cosmos. The author successfully creates an interesting atmosphere and drains the reader’s emotions. We will discuss some important aspects of this novel, from the plot, characters, and conflicts.

He saw the end of mankind and suffered a miserable death. But when he opened his eyes, he was back thirty years before his death. Since he had a possible second chance, he decided to become the strongest and survive that miserable end. To become the ultimate wizard.
‘This time I will start with the very beginning.’
He wanted to start before the end of the earth, which was bound to happen in five years.
The VR game The Endless. The passage to the planet Yuriel before the end of the earth. If he could become the strongest while he was an immortal player, he would have a chance to escape that tragedy.
To people who didn’t know the truth, it was just a game. To people who knew the truth, it was their future.
To Jason, who knew the future, it was his ticket to survival.

‘Let me use thirty years of my experience. Ah… I never played The Endless in my previous life. Great!’
‘I know all about planet Yuriel. But, in five more years….’
‘I have no time to join a Guild. I can’t babysit anyone.’

“Join our guild if you want the money to buy a VR cabin. ”

‘I have to focus all my time on getting stronger.’
“There is no food in the village.”
“Hey, where are you going? You brought a child here and trying to leave? She is your child now, so take care of her.”
“Eh… I will come back soon.”
‘Damn it. Didn’t I say, ‘I don’t want to be a babysitter’?’

“That child is cursed.”
“Did you say she is cursed? Say that again, I will kill you.”

‘Right. Why did I start playing this game, again?’

*This story is purely fiction. In case it’s not deserving with reality, please understand.

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