Novel The Zombie King by Birdy Rivers


Novel Description

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Title: The Zombie King
Author: Birdy Rivers
Genre: Paranormal
Language: English
Episodes: 9
Rating: 0.0
Publisher: Goodnovel

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Novel Synopsis: The Zombie King

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Ryan is the Zombie King, the man who helped the zombies take over the human world. Now, he’s on the hunt for the one human he can’t forget. Lacey is on the run for her life from zombies trying to forget Ryan. She didn’t know he was a zombie, and she can’t help being conflicted over how she feels about him.
Zombies aren’t the mindless creatures that humans thought of in their stories. They are intelligent and function like humans do, minus the human brains they need for food. Turns out that zombies come from a mutated gene that only activates after death. They have been around just as long as humans and now they rule the world.
When Ryan finally finds Lacey and brings her to his kingdom their worlds collide once again and so do their feelings. Can Lacey forgive Ryan for abandoning her after using her? Can their love survive in the new world?

*This story is purely fiction. In case it’s not worthy with reality, please understand.

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