Novel The Night The Vampires Came by Sagittaria


Novel Description

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Title: The Night The Vampires Came
Author: Sagittaria
Genre: Werewolf
Language: English
Episodes: 18
Rating: 0.0
Publisher: Goodnovel

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Novel Synopsis: The Night The Vampires Came

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This is the story of how Kyliena struggles to get over her messy breakup with ex-player Blake, which left her heart shattered and fearful of love. Or maybe it’s the story of how Kyliena and a strange wolf-like dog come together through a midnight bike accident, forgotten truths, dirty small-town secrets, pumpkin pie, and when mythical beings turn out to not be all so mythical after all.

And did I mention pie? Go grab a slice and sink your eyes into this story, it’s going to be a long ride.

*This story is purely fiction. In case it isn’t worthy with reality, please understand.

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