Novel Rose’s Curse (Stories Beyond This Universe II) by silvermistmarks


Novel Description

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Title: Rose’s Curse (Stories Beyond This Universe II)
Author: silvermistmarks
Genre: Romance
Language: English
Episodes: 4
Rating: 0.0
Publisher: Goodnovel

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Novel Synopsis: Rose’s Curse (Stories Beyond This Universe II)

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The perpetually 17-year-old Rose Cristian has resurrected. Again. She has to. Otherwise, the evil witch Joanna would succeed in ending the world. Rose isn’t worried, though, she has vanquished the enemy several times before and will do so again. Only this time, Joanna’s become more powerful and it might be Rose’s first loss in their 500-year-old war. That is unless Rose gains access to an ancient curse that’s fatal to the witch. The catch? She has to marry the mysterious and brooding Jericho in order to activate the curse. Despite an obvious physical attraction, Rose just can’t seem to like her husband and he seems to feel the same. So it’s always sarcasm and fistfights whenever they’re together. Add into the mix her newfound warrior team: the morose werewolf Ty and the clumsy wizard Trick. Will Rose succeed in her task this century or will she finally breathe her last?

*This story is purely fiction. In case it’s not compatible with reality, please understand.

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