Novel Mafia’s Beautiful Princess by Nyasha Verma


Novel Description

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Title: Mafia’s Beautiful Princess
Author: Nyasha Verma
Genre: Mafia
Language: English
Episodes: 17
Rating: 0.0
Publisher: Goodnovel

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Novel Synopsis: Mafia’s Beautiful Princess

Well, this time we will share our experience of reading a novel titled Mafia’s Beautiful Princess. The author successfully creates an interesting atmosphere and drains the reader’s emotions. We will discuss some important aspects of this novel, from the plot, characters, and conflicts.

He loves her, she loves him.

He’s mature, She’s immature and childish.

For him, she’s his whole universe while for her he’s her whole world.

He knows her unknown love for him, which she doesn’t even know .

She doesn’t have any idea about him loving her.

He’s a cold hearted, ruthless mafia king, while she’s a pure, kind hearted Angel.

She’s his reason to be alive, while she’s alive just because of him.

She doesn’t have anyone to call her family except him, his whole family exist in her.

He’s rude, she’s sweet.

He’s fierce, she’s sensitive.

She’s his princess, he’s her king.

She never obey anyone except him, while he doesn’t listen to anyone except her.

For her, he can turn back and upside down the whole world.

He doesn’t show mercy upon anyone, while she’s always ready to help other.

She doesn’t trust anyone except him.

He had never let anyone hurt or break her heart.

She smiles because of him, while she’s the only reason for his smile.

He had never let anyone touch her, or even a single drop of tear let come in her eye’s. But what will happen when he’ll only become the reason for her tear’s…??

What will happen when she’ll get to know the horrible past, which he was hiding from her, for her happiness…??

What will happen when a devil’s entry make their world turns upside down and seperates them or kill them…??

Is this will be their unique stories ending or a new beginning in their lives…??

How will be their journey of love and of her becoming his princess to queen…??

Peek in to know more.

*This story is purely fiction. In case it’s not compatible with reality, please understand.

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