Novel His Unforgettable Love by mooncake_o07


Novel Description

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Title: His Unforgettable Love
Author: mooncake_o07
Genre: Romance
Language: English
Episodes: 180
Rating: 0.0
Publisher: Goodnovel

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Novel Synopsis: His Unforgettable Love

Well, this time we will share our experience of reading a novel titled His Unforgettable Love. The author successfully creates an interesting atmosphere and drains the reader’s emotions. We will discuss some important aspects of this novel, from the plot, characters, and conflicts.

Axel Aiden Hodreal has an impeccable memory and prosopagnosia. He has met many people, but there is one person he will never forget in his entire life. Three years ago, he met this person unexpectedly after saving him from drowning in the sea. He was eager to waste all of his resources just to find the lady that made his heart stumble until he met Schina Louise Mallari – a genius college student who made him feel the same way Axel felt about the girl he had met before.

Will Axel continue searching for the girl after meeting Schina, or will he forget about her? But what if she suddenly appears in front of him?

*This story is purely fiction. If it’s not compatible with reality, please understand.

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