Novel Hell shaker by MJ Opera


Novel Description

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Title: Hell shaker
Author: MJ Opera
Genre: Paranormal
Language: English
Episodes: 50
Rating: 0.0
Publisher: Goodnovel

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Novel Synopsis: Hell shaker

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I never wanted to go back to the realm which my parents are from. Somehow, I just had to. Dark fae were hunting my mother and my father had to go and help because apparently, I was not ready to rule either his kingdom or my mother’s own.

He was doing it for my good though, too bad he had to drop me in a boarding school to do it.

I would not have much issues with that if not for the fact that I somehow, unknowing draw attention to myself the very first day and progressing forward, my life became filled with mean girls and school crush with a twist. The means girls were literally after my life and the crush might just be my mate.

And oh, apparently, I am the most powerful dark folk to exist in the last thousand years.

And a darkness lurk within me, waiting in the shadows and causing flash outs, using my body to do its will and it might just be in cahoots with someone close to me.

I never knew what hit me until it hit and when it did, someone was taken. My name is Iristendale, first dark princess with the power to shake hell.

*This story is purely fiction. If it’s not worthy with reality, please understand.

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